Taught by Laurie Sigel
Wednesdays 6:00-7:00pm
$14 per single class
$25 for 2 classes/ $35 for 3 classes/ $45 for 4 classes
To Register: 612-636-6893

Zumba is simplified Latin dance in an easy-to-follow, aerobic format.  Classes primarily include simple versions of salsa, merengue, reggaeton, Latin pop, samba, Bollywood and cumbia.

Zumba is absolutely the most lighthearted, fun way to burn a ton of calories, greatly improve your heart health, tone your body and set those endorphins flying!  It is so much fun, you forget you’re burning so many calories and you actually want to go, you will never have to draaaag yourself to work out again.  And it’s easy – ANYONE can do it.  The instructor will demonstrate the dances step-by-step and by the second or third class, you will feel completely comfortable.

Laurie Sigel

Laurie Sigel grew up dancing as a young girl, traveling the U.S. as a competitive dancer and teaching younger children tap, ballet and jazz.  After earning her B.A. in Psychology she spent a year abroad in Spain where she was first exposed to Latin dance and immediately fell in love with its grace, beauty and passion.  In 2007 she took her first Zumba class while living in Chicago and was hooked!  Laurie adores teaching Zumba because she loves seeing people of all ages together, enjoying moving their bodies, laughing, adding their own little style to the movements, all while knowing it is making a huge positive fitness impact in their lives.  It is such an affirmation of life and the human spirit!

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