We can’t wait to dance with you!

About CREO

CREO Arts & Dance Conservatory is committed to building strong, creative, determined, joyful, wholesome artists. We provide high-quality dance classes to enhance the overall development of the child. We provide a safe and child-centered environment to encourage our students to explore dance with qualified, nurturing instructors. CREO offers classes for dancers from early child-hood to adult. Our affordable curriculum is structured to provide excellent instruction and guidance in your dance journey from novice to advanced.

Classes at CREO

For the dancer who is beginning their dance journey or seeking to progress in their training. These dancers commit to one or two days per week and likely enjoy commitments to other activities

For the dancer seeking to accelerate their development in dance. These dancers choose dance as their primary commitment. 

For the dancer considering a future in dance beyond CREO. The dancers commit to a class regimen reflective of the highest degree of excellence. Please ask about auditions for this program.

Performance at CREO

CREO offers up 1-5 performance opportunities per year. Our performance options give dancers the opportunity to build community, experience the mystery of the stage, be a part of the creative process from beginning to end. These opportunities offer an alternative to dance competition and give the dancer a chance to experience true concert dance.


If you feel so moved to contribute, your contribution helps support these financial needs of arts education that sustains our childrens’ wellbeing through an organization that focuses on wholesome family values, excellent instruction, creativity, and joy!

CREO Staff

We provide students with a positive, qualified, artistic staff, many of whom have earned Fine Arts Degrees in their field. Our staff is trained to nurture and encourage the individual. Through process, presentation, and performance we teach our students to refine an eye for excellence. Through encouragement, mentoring, and team-building, our students gain confidence, friendships, and positive experiences.