Making Possibilities a Reality

Your dance bag is packed, water bottle filled, and hair pulled back. The day you have been eagerly anticipating is finally here; the start of a new year at CREO Arts & Dance Conservatory!

This year holds Infinite Possibilities!

Is it possible for you to consistently nail that double pirouette? Yes! Is it possible for you to achieve that front walk over? Yes! Is it possible for you to finally get that left split? Yes! While these may not be the same things you’re personally striving for, the same message applies. It is possible for you to achieve great things, if you put in the work to make it happen.

This year, you will be given the opportunity to grow as a dancer, artist, and an individual. But this doesn’t just come from attending class. It comes from consistent focus, hard work, and determination. I encourage you to think of what you want this year to look like and what you want to achieve. Go to class with that in mind. Think of how what you are doing in class can help you with your “possibility”. And if you have questions, talk with your teacher before or after class.

Infinite Possibilities are ahead. Are you ready to make those possibilities a reality?

We are cheering for you!

Ms. Jeneca & the CREO Staff!

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