The CREO IMPACT Recital 2024

CREO Arts & Dance Conservatory is pleased to present our Spring Recitals featuring original works showcasing the hard work of our talented students. Please join us in celebrating the CREO Impact on June 7th & 8th.


Please refer to the information in the attached packets for FULL recital details and dress rehearsal scheduling.

Young Children’s Information

Classes Grades K & Younger


24 Silver Gala Information

Classes Level 1-2 and Grades 1-5


24 Gold Gala Information

Classes Level 3-4 and Grades 6+


24 Diamond Gala Information

Classes Level 5-7 and Grades 8+



Recital Hair, Tights & Shoes by Class

Recital At a Glance


Buy Tickets

Graduating Senior Pre-Sale: April 22-April 28
  • A password will be e-mailed to you individually in order to access ticket sales at this time.
  • Families of graduating seniors may purchase an unlimited number of additional tickets at this time.
Volunteer Pre-Sale: April 29-May 5

Recital Volunteer Sign-up Genius

Young Children’s Class Mom Volunteer Sign-up

  • Parent volunteers are an essential part of our team during any show weekend. Please review the details and time frame of your job carefully. We appreciate your help and to thank you we would like to extend the opportunity to purchase recital tickets 1 WEEK before anyone else!
  • Performance Ushers, Dressing Room Moms, & Hair/Make-up Volunteers do not need to purchase a ticket for themselves to the performance they volunteer for. They remain at their post throughout the show and may watch their dancer’s performances from a reserved seat in the front row.
  • Please see your recital packet for ticket limits during volunteer pre-sale.
  • A password will be e-mailed to you individually in order to access ticket sales at this time.

Young Children’s Performance Class Moms

  • Class mom volunteers do not need to purchase themselves a recital ticket as their seats are reserved with their class.
  • CREO traditionally requests 2 class moms for each young children’s class to help chaperone the class at dress rehearsal & recital. The class will have their own area to sit in the audience during the performance. Class moms help the dancers up to and down from the stage before and after their class’s turn to perform, and assist with dancer costume changes.
Family Pre-Sale: May 6-20
  • Tickets on sale for all CREO Families.
  • Please see your recital packet for ticket limits during family pre-sale.
  • A password will be required to access ticket sales during Family Pre-Sale. This password will be shared on weekly news and emailed to you the week of April 29th.
General Sale: May 21 – June 6
  • Tickets on sale to the general public.
  • Families may purchase an unlimited number of additional tickets at this time.
  • Additional tickets will be sold in person June 7th & 8th until sold out.
Multi-Show Family Discounts:
  • CREO defines a multi-show family in the following ways,
    • A family with multiple dancers performing in separate performances
    • A family with a single dancer whose pieces are not all included in one performance
  • Multi-Show Families will receive a discount code to receive $8 off of 4 of your recital tickets.
  • The discount code will be applicable in the regular seating area only.
  • The discount code will be shared with you during your earliest eligible sale period (Graduating Senior families will receive it before the Senior pre-sale, Volunteers will receive it after they sign-up to volunteer etc….)


Recital Shirt: $22

Order T-Shirts

Pre-Orders are now open until May 6th! Additional stock will be available at dress rehearsals and performances in limited supply!

  • Level 3-7 dancers will receive a recital shirt already paid through the Performance Package, but please do fill out an order form to indicate your current size!
  • Class assistants will not be charged for their recital shirt.
  • A limited stock of additional shirts will be sold at dress rehearsal & recitals.

We would like to celebrate you, our families, by showcasing your work within our community through advertisement in the Recital program. Sponsors receive a variety of marketing perks.