The program for dancers either beginning their dance journey, or seeking to progress their dance training alongside their commitments to other activities. These classes are designated by both age/grade and level of experience: beginning (beg,) intermediate (int,) or advanced (adv.)

Progressive Beg, Beg/Int, & Int Classes: These classes allow dancers to begin and develop their passion for dance at any age with a class schedule of their choice that compliments their lives. These dancers perform in CREO’s Spring Recital (early June.)

Progressive Int/Adv, Adv 1 & Adv 2 Classes: Formerly 4P and 5P, these dancers commit to the following,

  • 2 days of dance per week including at least one Ballet or Ballet/Contemporary class
  • Summer class requirement for 2024 will be defined in January of 2024
  • Perform at Cathedral Dance Festival (early May)
  • Perform in CREO’s Spring Recital (early June)

Fall-Spring 2024-2025 classes run Thursday, September 5th 2024 through Monday, June 2nd 2025!

Tuition prices listed below reflect the monthly tuition rate. Please note that your $40 registration fee and first month’s tuition is charged upon registration. 

Early Bird Registration Discount: Register by June 9th 2025, and receive a $20 discount! (1 per family)


Age 18-36 months
Age 3-5
Grade 1-5
Grade 6+
Grade 8+ *Also see Ballet Technique Int/Adv (4P/5P) in the Grade 6+ grid.