CREO’s conservatory track for faith-based dance includes three tiered faith-based ensembles, Footprints, Roots & The CREO DanceVERVE: Twin Cities. Dancers participate explore their faith through devotional study and perform a variety of dance works which vary in genre (ballet/contemporary/jazz/hip-hop) and in scale from stand-alone pieces to full-length productions and explore themes of Christian faith and worship. Recent production repertory includes productions such as The Nativity, Esther: for Such a Time as This, and The Companion: The Story of Ruth & Naomi.

The mission of the faith-based conservatory track is to give young people an opportunity to grow in faith and to express what they have learned through art & dance. Because we were created by God in excellence we, encourage our artists to create their work in excellence.  “And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men.” Colossians 3:23



Footprints is an opportunity for young dancers to “step in” to Christ-centered expression through dance. Zephaniah 3:17 says the Lord rejoices over us so we in turn rejoice in walking in the ways of the Lord. Footprints is the junior ensemble in CREO’s Faith-Based Conservatory track.


Roots is an opportunity for dancers to deepen their understanding of Christ-Centered expression through dance. Just as roots of a tree spread and anchor the body, the work of this company spreads and anchors the body of Christ. Roots is the intermediate ensemble in CREO’s Faith-Based Conservatory track. 

The CREO DanceVERVE: Twin Cities

Verve refers to a lively spirit animating artistic composition or performance. It is a word that represents great energy and vitality. The CREO DanceVERVE: Twin Cities is the most advanced ensemble in CREO’s Faith-Based Conservatory track and performs works choreographed by the CREO director and staff. These works vary in scale from stand-alone pieces to full-length productions and explore themes of Christian faith and worship.

Acceptance to the The CREO DanceVERVE (VERVE) takes into consideration:

  1. Dedication: The CREO DanceVERVE requires considerable commitment in terms of time and focus. VERVE ensemble members are deeply invested in their personal growth as a dancer and in the growth of the VERVE community. Dancers are expected to demonstrate respect, maturity, and a dedicated spirit of participation in all rehearsals, performances, and company events.
  2. Ability: The CREO DanceVERVE creates dance work that the requires a degree of proficiency in technical genres including ballet, contemporary, jazz, and hip hop. Additionally, VERVE relies on improvisation in the choreographic process.
  3. Showmanship: Dancers in VERVE are expected to share in the camaraderie of each other’s presence and support. The atmosphere in and around rehearsals should be one of inclusion, respect, and kindness. Consideration will be given to dancers who have demonstrated positive contribution to their dance class communities in these ways.
  4. Seniority: Dancers who have displayed a dedication to dance through many years of study may be prioritized for ensemble placement.

Apprenticeship: Dancers selected to the CREO DanceVERVE for the first time will participate as apprentices. Apprentices have the opportunity to shadow ensemble members as they rehearse and step in when members cannot perform. Apprentices who demonstrate exemplary attendance, skill, commitment, and attitude may advance to full ensemble members in subsequent seasons.


2023 Summer Regimen & Audition (Footprints & Roots)

School Year Regimen (Footprints & Roots)

Performance Opportunities (Footprints & Roots)

CREO DanceVERVE 2023-2024 Season:

The 2023-2024 CREO DanceVERVE season will focus on remounting CREO’s repertoire The Nativity. Auditions for The Nativity took place in the Spring of 2023 and are now closed. Acceped dancers commit to the following,