CREO’s Conservatory track for experienced hip-hop dancers includes three tiered ensembles: Hip-Hop Invitational, Pre-TEAM, and TEAM Hip-Hop. This track emphasizes high physicality, athleticism, and individual expression through the hallmarks of contemporary hip-hop movement including popping, locking, tutting, breaking, rhythm, groove, isolation, groundedness, and acrobatic skills.


Hip-Hop Invitational

Hip-Hop Invitational is the environment for intermediate hip-hop dancers to progress their hip-hop training beyond the scope of a recreational class. Dancers build their skill for isolation, groove, personal expression and unified ensemble-work. Hip-Hop Invitational can be considered a stepping stone towards continued concentrated hip-hop study through CREO’s Hip-Hop conservatory track to TEAM Hip-Hop.

Pre-TEAM Hip-Hop

Pre-TEAM is the (NEW) step between Hip-Hop Invitational and TEAM dedicated to prepare dancers for the physical rigor expected in TEAM Hip-Hop. Dancers will build strength, endurance, acrobatic skill and work toward mastery of industry-style jazz turns & leaps. While Pre-TEAM is designed to prepare dancers for Participation in Pre-TEAM does not necessarily guarantee acceptance to TEAM Hip-Hop.

TEAM Hip-Hop

TEAM Hip-Hop is the conservatory class where advanced hip-hop dancers begin to integrate even greater physicality and athleticism, such as acrobatic skills and complex group lifts, into ensemble choreography grounded in hip-hop movement vocabulary and aesthetic. Choreography may also draw on influences from industry-style jazz turns and leaps. Dancers accepted to TEAM Hip-Hop are typically in 8-12th grade.


School Year Regimen

Summer Requirement/ Audition

Register for a 10-hour punchcard and take the following classes as an audition series,

Performance Requirement