CREO Classical Ballet is CREO’s track for the dancer seeking to achieve technical and artistic excellence in Ballet and Pointe. This comprehensive training program equips today’s young dancers with the artistry and athleticism expected of classical ballet in the 21st century.


CCB Pathway is an invitational class for pre-pointe dancers who have prioritized ballet in their early training. Dancers are recommended for the CCB Pathway and Pre-Pointe classes based on their ballet class performance the previous school year. Dancers may express their interest to be considered by emailing the Ballet Principal, Alejandra Iannone at

Dancers may decline invitation to the CCB Pathway class yet still pursue pointe study through the pre-pointe class. In this case CREO still recommends pre-pointe dancers take 3 days of ballet class/week in addition to the pre-pointe class.

CCB Pathway/ Pre-Pointe Regimen
– 3 days/week of ballet class year-round
– At least 1 day of pre-pointe year-round as eligible by age


The CCB Program is CREO’s pointe program. These dancers have passed their pre-pointe evaluation to begin study en pointe and have decided to dedicate themselves to pointe study by following the regimen outlined below. CCB Program dancers prepare choreography for performance through their pointe class.

CCB Program Regimen
– 3 days of Ballet/week year-round including CCB Technique
– 2 days of pointe year-round
– Dancers must take a Ballet Technique class prior to all their pointe classes.
– Summer: Take a Ballet intensive either at CREO or elsewhere and continue with the year-round regimen.

CREO’s ballet curriculum is designed to help students develop artistry and technical skill with integrity. To ensure consistent progress through the curriculum, CCB dancers are advised to focus their training at CREO. Students are permitted – and encouraged! – to participate in intensives outside of CREO to expand their breadth of experience.


CCB Ensemble is the audition branch of the CCB Program. The CCB Ensemble includes a selection of CCB Program dancers accepted by audition to prepare choreography that reflects the structure of professional company work including corps de ballet(group) work, small groups and soloists.

Possible performance opportunities include:

– Cathedral Dance Festival (early May)
– CREO’s Spring Recital(s) (early June – often multiple performances)
– Conservatory ensembles are also occasionally invited to perform separate repertoire in CREO productions.